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 Camille Beehler is a landscape designer with a diversified background in art,
environmental design, and residential planning.  
Twenty five years of design experience gives Camille an excellent foundation for creating professional and personal planting arrangements with inspiring
touches.  Living artistic designs reflect the love of nature and the world while combining color, symmetry, texture, art and style.
Camille believes that, "bringing art into life, while turning life into art inspires a desire to create sustainable gardens using succulents and other drought tolerant plants."  Camille's creative designs are applied to garden pots, wreaths, living walls, patio tables and gardens.  Camille can make unique creations for just one special gift, to centerpieces for large events, to entire garden experiences for your home, corporation, restaurant, hotel and more.
"I enjoy creating unique artist compositions that bring pleasure and share in nature's sustainable beauty all year round."
Camille Beehler
Creative Director of Camille's Petite Pots
949 274- 5905
Member of:
National Association of Professional Women
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